Treat Your Patients with ClearJoy

Save time, money and generate more potential patients by adopting ClearJoy into your practice.

For dental practices

We partner with exclusive general practitioners to provide the local, hands-on support for our ClearJoy patients. When you and your practice sign up, you’ll be a part of a high-valued and esteemed network of professionals.  

  • All ClearJoy patients will come to you for attachment placing and local support, whether they are a patient of yours or not
  • Earn revenue for your hands-on time with each ClearJoy patient
  • Save time with your patients by outsourcing the treatment planning and monitoring to us
  • Deliver much better results than other direct-to-consumer orthodontic kits
  • Maintain a relationship on a local level with all ClearJoy patients

For orthodontic practices

Lab fees are killer. That’s why we offer ClearJoy to an exclusive network of orthodontists as a substitute for your expensive clear aligner system. We are in the business of saving you money and creating remarkable results that you would be proud of.

  • Efficient and accurate movement with attachments for the picture-perfect finish
  • High-quality materials and precise tray construction
  • Option to outsource treatment planning and monitoring in-between visits
  • High-end brand to contribute to your brand

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