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Aligner Pricing Structure

Unlike other aligner brands, we charge based on the number of aligners a patient actually requires.
Follow our simple 2-step process and see how ClearJoy could save your practice money.
*$20 per alinger on all cases for the first year (regardless of case loads)
**After the first year, case loads will be audited at 12 months and adjusted annually based upon submitted volume.
Aligner Pricing Structure
No. of
Aligners required
per Arch
(per case)
(per case)
No. of
case supplies
$1,250 1 Included ($20)
$1,650 1 Included ($20)
ClearJoy Retention
Includes 6 new retainers (3 sets) and case: $280 + shipping.

Special Details

  • Permanent & Mixed Dentition.
  • One set of Essix retainers are included with each case submission.
  • Virtual Monitoring is included with all cases.
  • $25 shipping fees apply.
  • Premium tier available for advanced doctors.
  • Onboarding package $5,198 $2,599*
    *Promotional pricing valid as per promo code terms.


Learn more about specific parts of the ClearJoy journey
with our topic based video libary.
[00:00:05.470] – Dr Henson

Hi. My name is Dr. Scott Henson. I’ve been a practicing orthodontist for the past 15 years and I have multiple locations in Northwest Oregon. Being in private practice has afforded me the insight to understand what is important to other practitioners and business owners as well as those that we treat. I created ClearJoy to give you, my colleague, a truly collaborative clear aligner service that saves both you and your patients time without compromising the quality or expertise of a well thought out treatment plan and aligner case design. ClearJoy is uniquely different from other aligner brands because it is designed to maximize time savings for both you and your patience. As you’ll see through custom staging and case design, virtual monitoring for your patients, aligners fabricated with the highest quality thermoplastic on the market, and exceptional support for you and your team. We aim to give you a product that delivers and a service that supports you and your team. All of this gives you the most revenue per visit and your patience an excellent smile without the inconvenience of too many appointments.


[00:01:09.150] – Dr Henson

I am so excited that you have made the decision to invest your time to get more time. Here’s what you can expect from us as you become familiar with our service and product. First, it will be important to identify the key clinical and administrative team members that will be responsible for collecting patient records and executing financial contracts and financing, if even necessary. Then we will give you access to our proprietary ClearJoy software. This will allow you to submit your cases in a HIPAA compliant format, as well as view and pay your invoices, gain access to training materials, order products, and enter and track your practice data. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary resources to guide patients through treatment from beginning to end, all the while keeping the amount of appointments to a minimum. This will give you more time to focus on the procedures that require your specific expertise instead of the ones that don’t. You will love it, and so will your patients.

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