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Smile, beautiful. You will with ClearJoy™ – the clear teeth aligner that combines easy at-home treatment with your in-person care. It’s a joy to behold.
ClearJoy Clear Teeth Aligners

Rock that confidence and look good every day!

ClearJoy Clear Teeth Aligners

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An overbite is when the upper incisor overlaps the lower incisor. ClearJoy teeth aligners correct it by moving the teeth up or down to better position the upper incisor in the smile arc.


Underbites occur when the lower teeth are flared out, or the upper teeth are pushed back. ClearJoy is designed to correct dental (not skeletal) tooth position problems.


Crowding is when some of your teeth overlap within the jawbone. ClearJoy is designed to move the teeth within the jawbone to resolve dental crowding.


Your teeth may have extra spacing between them. ClearJoy is designed to move the teeth together and close dental spacing.

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Easy, convenient affordable for all.

ClearJoy Clear Teeth Aligners


An in-person or virtual consultation checks to see that your patient is a good candidate for ClearJoy.


Your scan and our team will create custom aligners that fit your patient to a T and don’t rub their gum line. 


A ClearJoy Orthodontist virtually monitors patient progress. Before long, in just 1-3 doctor visits, they’ll be all smiles.

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Your patients get the perfect balance of convenience, low cost, and safe care – supervised by you. Minimal visits are needed after that, with virtual checkups to monitor progress. It’s easy as pie!

ClearJoy Teeth Aligners fit ‘The Sweet Spot!’

ClearJoy™ Braces Others
In-person exam with a trusted doctor
Minimal visits
Free X-rays & records
Virtual checkups by trusted doctors
VirtualMonitor™ Tracking
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ClearJoy empowers general dentists to serve their existing patients with the power and ease of a clear aligner system, built for the highest quality results. 


We’ve got the answers covered.

ClearJoy offers the best of all worlds. The perfect balance of convenience, affordability, and safe care – supervised by an Dentist. We call it “The Sweet Spot”. It’s safer because a ClearJoy Orthodontist and your personal care combine to give your patients the best treatment possible. ClearJoy combines the expertise of dental professionals and the newest technology to keep patients smiling with minimal visits to the dental office. It’s pretty sweet.

It depends! ClearJoy is an effective aligner system designed to upgrade your smile in as little as 2 months if patients require minimal tooth movement. If they need a moderate amount of tooth movement, results can take 6-12 months. You’ll have the simple training you need to estimate treatment time at their first in-person or virtual consultation.

To be the most effective, ClearJoy aligners should be worn 22 hours a day. In some cases, patients can wear them just at night, however, this will increase the amount of time they wear each aligner and may affect the quality of their results.

This is the cool thing about ClearJoy! We will not sell you on a product that won’t work like other online smile companies. We believe in superior results and if ClearJoy cannot provide you with the smile you are looking for, our team will pair you with a local orthodontist or dentist to ensure you are under the care of a trusted dental professional.

Absolutely! You can provide them with specific information to ensure we maximize any orthodontic benefit they may have. Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed and it is up to patients to ensure they have orthodontic coverage that is en force. 

ClearJoy is designed by an orthodontic team to ensure the best chance of an ideal result. However, we understand that sometimes life doesn’t happen according to plan. If they are not satisfied with their result, we will work with you and the patient to provide them with more aligners to achieve the desired result.

We believe everyone is entitled to the smile of their dreams at an affordable price! At this time, there are no additional discounts for ClearJoy.

“…Changing the At-Home Teeth Aligner Industry”


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