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Save time, money, and boost your business with happy patients. Add ClearJoy™ to your practice. It’s perfect for general dentists who wish to offer patients a new state-of-the-art alternative to traditional, expensive aligner solutions.

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ClearJoy is different from other aligner products because it is a collaborative orthodontic service, not just a product. ClearJoy’s treatment is supervised by orthodontic specialists, not lab technicians. These specialists utilize state-of-the-art virtual technology to track the progress of each patient and answer any questions – all online.

ClearJoy is specifically designed to maximize results for patients with ease and convenience, and also minimize doctor time, allowing the doctor to focus on other revenue generating procedures.


Our proprietary software allows doctors to securely submit new cases, view existing patients in treatment, and monitor digital treatment plans and all practice data. Online training manuals and videos provide information on procedure protocols and techniques along with a product support page to order sales material or treatment products in one place.



ClearJoy provides implementation coaches who train partners on our aligner system. They ensure each case is handled with ease, efficiency, and expertise. We provide a diagnostic guide so staff can accurately estimate treatment time and cost to patients. If staff members change, we will provide individual training to new hires so workflow can proceed smoothly.

ClearJoy will collaborate with the dentist to plan each patient’s treatment and manage it for optimal results, minimizing patient visits and doctor time. We will identify any potential trouble points and help doctors monitor aligner tracking and tooth movement. Individual treatment plans include detailed staging and dentist visit scheduling.

Using advanced virtual technology, ClearJoy can remotely monitor a patient’s aligner treatment without the patient visiting the dentist’s office. This additional dental monitoring allows convenient two-way communication via smart phone to closely track patient progress and answer any questions.

Each doctor has a portal where they can track their aligner production and patient data. Also, we can set goals for results and provide incentive bonus structures to encourage staff to talk with patients about improving their smile. Data is reported on a monthly basis showing business impact with ClearJoy.  

Using Smile Mate (dental monitoring technology), doctors can show patients what their future smile can look like with ClearJoy. It’s an attractive alternative, compared to previous methods that are costly and time-consuming. In short, ClearJoy can help you grow your practice. 


When your practice is ready to implement ClearJoy aligners, we will conduct a virtual and on-site on-boarding training session. Key team members will be identified and their roles will be explained. 

We link your digital scanner to ClearJoy, allowing for direct, HIPAA protected transmission of digital scans and records.

Once your team is set and your scanner is connected to ClearJoy, you’re ready to submit your first case using our proprietary software.

ClearJoy will plan and stage treatments for each patient, then produce and package the aligners using the highest quality thermoplastic materials on the market. We will ship the aligners to your office with detailed case instructions.   

You can choose to use dental monitoring as an add-on service to reduce the number of patient visits to your practice (ClearJoy recommended).

If anyone has questions before treatment is started or in progress, a ClearJoy coach is available to quickly respond.  

Retainers are included along with printed models for patients after their case is finished.



Improve patient service and business growth. ClearJoy can do both – with an advanced, affordable, convenient treatment system patients will love. Get in touch to learn more and to see pricing now.

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